Our Vision

A Ridgewood where every tenant and resident has the ability to guide and shape the future of the neighborhood.




The Ridgewood Tenants & Neighborhood Association is a grassroots civic group that believes that all Ridgewood residents can work together to create a better, stronger community. We believe that Ridgewood can retain its rich cultural diversity of tenants and residents that are low to moderate income working people. We want to foster meaningful dialogue on how to continue making Ridgewood a livable and affordable neighborhood for all residents: tenants, homeowners, small businesses, etc. Everyone is welcome to connect, participate, and advocate for all tenants and residents around the issues that affect the lives of everyday Ridgewood people.



Interface with local elected officials and civic groups to amplify the voice of tenants and residents within a changing neighborhood.

Create a culture of town halls, forums, and assemblies where people regularly gather to share their experiences and concerns about the neighborhood.

Generate a stable but dynamic and participatory neighborhood for all.